Coming out of Covid-19: Reimagining Scotland

The RSE Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission has published a new report, Reimagining Scotland, making several recommendations for decision-makers to support Scotland’s Covid recovery.

The Commission was established to identify and address some of the immediate policy implications and challenges arising from the coronavirus outbreak and support the future of Scotland beyond the immediate crisis. Established in May 2020, the Commission has spent the past 18 months exploring four key themes: how to build national resilience; what makes good public debate and participation; the use of data, evidence and science in understanding and responding to Covid-19; and how inclusive public service was witnessed throughout the pandemic.

The learnings and recommendations of the Commission have now been brought together into a report.

This report reflects on the Commission’s learnings, findings and recommended actions to support Scotland as it emerges from the pandemic. The Commission is making several recommendations for decision-makers, to support Scotland’s Covid recovery and future resilience, including:

  • Forming a national participation centre and strategy for Scotland.
  • Creating a national foresighting centre.
  • Establishing a fully independent fact-checking service.
  • Transforming how we deliver public services.

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