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Student game developers scoop the top prize at the annual competition 

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01 December 2023

The winner of Abertay University's Dare Academy 2023 games design competition was crowned at the UK's biggest video games expo, EGX.

University of Aberdeen joins the Turing University Network 

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29 November 2023

The University of Aberdeen is one of several UK Universities joining the Turing University Network as it expands its membership.


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27 November 2023

Whether or not methanol should prove to be the winner (or one of them) in the great rush towards cleaner fuels is one of many questions unlikely to become apparent for a number of years yet. What is clear is that many shipowners are already prepared to hedge their bets. Over the summer Maersk, whose pro-CH3OH stance has been abundantly clear from its newbuilding programme, announced that it was in discussions with potential shipyards about converting an in-service container ship for dual-fuel capability.

BT start-up plans to turn 60,000 street cabinets into EV charging points 

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24 November 2023

The project will look to repurpose BT’s decommissioned cabinets – originally used for copper-based broadband and phone services – into electric vehicle (EV) charging spots.

Observations on a recent lecture by Allan Mungall 

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21 November 2023

Delivering the 2023 Rankine Lecture, Mark Wild CEng – the former Chief Executive of CrossRail – recently outlined the “key strategic lessons” from the Project. In an otherwise excellent, and entertaining, talk he failed to make reference until asked to two aspects which clearly had a major bearing on the project finishing many years late and more than 25% above budget. One of these aspects was the form of contract adopted.

Floating offshore wind pipeline jumps by a third in just 12 months 

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21 November 2023

The “massive economic opportunity” offered by floating wind is rapidly gaining international attention, a renewable energy trade organisation has said, with the number of planned projects growing significantly in the last year.

Metal mesh harvests drinking water from pollutant-heavy fog 

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18 November 2023

A specially coated metal mesh has harvested water from foggy air while simultaneously removing pollutants.

Researchers develop new way of identifying ‘zombie’ cells 

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17 November 2023

University researchers have discovered a new way of identifying ‘zombie’ cells which drive aging and age-related diseases such as cancer, cardiac disease and neurodegenerative diseases

ICE and IStructE announce partnership to ensure the safety of tall buildings 

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15 November 2023

The institutions will work together in running a new higher-risk buildings competency register.

Lithium plating breakthrough ‘could have major impact on future of EVs’ 

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14 November 2023

A new way to prevent lithium plating in electric vehicle (EV) batteries could lead to faster charging times, according to researchers behind the work.

Europe's next-gen rocket Ariane-6 fires its engine 

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12 November 2023

Europe's next-generation rocket has completed its first "hot-fire" test on its launch pad, in French Guiana.

The Ariane-6 vehicle lit its main cryogenic engine for four seconds before being shut down

The Future of Engineering, 

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10 November 2023

a multimedia online hub featuring films, interviews and more, was launched at the ICE HQ, One Great George Street in London

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