Acknowledgements for Images

[Note: Update for new photos]

IESIS is grateful to the following organisations and individuals who have given permission for the use of images on this website.

Crown Copyright for the image of the Forth Crossing on the homepage, under terms of Open Government Licence.

Stuart D Cameron - PS Waverley on internal banner pages; QE2, Britannia and Comet on Sponsors page

Alan Gilmour - photographs taken at James Watt Dinner 2010 and 2011

Lynda Masterton - photographs of stained glass windows in 39 Elmbank Crescent

Derek Elder - photographs of exterior of 39 Elmbank Crescent and of speakers at Titanic Memorial Service

Ian May - Forth Bridge photograph

Institution of Civil Engineers - Forth Bridge painted by Wyllie; engraving of James Watt

Scottish Engineering - photograph of unveiling of Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame plaque

Gary Doak Photography and RAEng for Royal Academy of Engineering Energy Debate

Royal Institution of Naval Architects for banner image of aircraft carriers

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