As amended and agreed at the Annual General Meeting held on 1st April 2014.

(Incorporating or revising all amendments made in 1997 and 2003)


  1. Candidates for admission as Students shall be persons who are engaged in study or employment with a view to qualifying themselves as engineers. Students from other disciplines who have a strong interest in engineering or shipbuilding are also entitled to apply for admission. Students on a degree course should normally apply to become Graduates on completion of their studies.
  2. Candidates for admission as Graduates shall be persons who have attained a degree or equivalent qualification and are in, or are seeking, employment in engineering. Graduates should apply to become Members after gaining suitable experience.
  3. Candidates for admission as Members shall be:
    - Persons who hold UK Engineering Council titles (currently Engineering Technician (EngTech), Information and Communications Technology Technician (ICTTech), Incorporated Engineer (IEng), Chartered Information and Communications Technology Engineer (CICTEng.) and Chartered Engineer (CEng) or,
    - Persons who have had an engineering education or training and a position or level of experience deemed appropriate by the Institution or,
    - Persons who do not have a formal engineering education or background (accountants, administrators, educators, geographers, historians, planners, scientists and the like) who are, nevertheless, interested, experienced or involved in the business, practice, science or promotion of engineering.
  4. Candidates for admission as Fellows shall satisfy the conditions for the class of Member and, in addition, occupy or have occupied a senior or distinguished position in connection with the business, practice, science or promotion of engineering.
  5. Honorary Fellows shall be such distinguished persons as the Council shall recommend and the Institution shall appoint.
  6. The abbreviated distinctive titles for indicating the connection with the Institution shall be the following viz. - For Fellows, FIES; for Members, MIES; for Graduates, GIES; and for Students, SIES.
  7. Entry to the class of Companion shall be discontinued in favour of the broadened entry requirements to the class of Member or Fellow. Existing Companions shall be invited to transfer to the class of Member or Fellow.
  8. Admission

  9. Every candidate for admission to the Institution shall obtain the recommendation of at least two members, one of whom may be a Member (save that applicants for the class of Student or Graduate may be admitted on the recommendation of one Member or Fellow). Candidates with no current contacts among the members may request that the Membership Committee consider and recommend their application if found suitable. Recommendations for admission shall be lodged with the Institution for consideration by the Membership Committee. The recommendations of the Membership Committee shall be considered by Council at their first meeting thereafter and, if endorsed, the candidate shall be declared elected and advised by the Institution in accordance with By-Law 10. Candidates not elected shall be notified by the Institution.
  10. The granting of Honorary Fellowship to any person may be proposed at any Council meeting, and if the Council, after consideration at their next meeting, approve of the proposal, intimation thereof shall be given in the notice calling the next meeting of the Institution.
  11. Every person duly elected or admitted as a member, shall be notified and, on making payment of any fees or subscriptions due, shall receive a diploma. The diploma shall be signed by the President.
  12. Before the meeting of Council for considering a proposal to grant Honorary Fellowship, it shall be ascertained from any person proposed to be made an Honorary Fellow whether he or she will accept the honour, no notice being taken of the proposal in the Minutes if acceptance is declined.
  13. Subscriptions

  14. Each member shall, on election, pay for the current and each session thereafter an annual subscription as fixed from time to time by the Council, except that the subscription paid by those elected during the months of February to September inclusive shall be deemed to cover for the session immediately following.
  15. Honorary Fellows shall not be liable for any contribution or subscription.
  16. Annual subscriptions shall become due on the First day of October in each year.
  17. Any member whose subscription is more than three months in arrears shall be notified of this omission by the Secretary. Where a subscription becomes six months in arrears, the member shall be again notified of this by the Secretary and all membership rights in connection with the Institution shall be suspended in the case of such members. Should a subscription become one year in arrears, the member's name shall be removed from the Roll of the Institution unless the Council may deem it expedient to extend the time for payment.
  18. The Council may refuse to receive the subscription of any member who shall have wilfully acted in contravention of the regulations of the Institution, or who shall, in the opinion of the Council, have been guilty of such conduct as shall have rendered that member unfit to continue to belong to the Institution, and shall remove that member's name from the Roll.
  19. Election and Procedure of Council

  20. The Council shall meet and prepare a list of names for the election of Council for the ensuing year. This list shall be sent to the members not less than 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting Members may propose additions to the list in writing to be received not less than twenty-one days before the Annual General Meeting. If the number of candidates on the list is greater than the number of vacancies, a vote by ballot of all Fellows and Members shall be held and the ballot paper shall be sent to those entitled to vote not later than fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting.
  21. The ballot papers shall be sent to the Institution, in due time such that they arrive before the day and hour named for the Annual General Meeting, or they may be presented personally by those entitled to vote at the opening of the meeting.
  22. Notices for any meeting of Council must be given at least four days before such meeting. Notices for the meeting of Committees or Groups shall he given as the Council shall direct.
  23. The Council shall, in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 24, appoint an Executive Committee, comprising not less than five members, to include the President, the Vice-President, one Past-President and one further Member of Council, and the Honorary Treasurer. At the discretion of the Council and with the agreement of the Vice-President, the duties of Honorary Treasurer may be undertaken by the Vice-President. Two members of the Executive shall constitute a quorum. The Chairman for any particular meeting shall be chosen from those members of the Executive Committee present. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to act on behalf of the Council, without the prior approval of the Council, on matters of urgency arising between Council Meetings, where action cannot reasonably be deferred until the next Council Meeting. The Executive Committee shall also consider and keep under review the financial activities of the Institution and shall report to Council thereon.
  24. Council shall be responsible for administration, personnel, revenue generation, financial control, legal matters, co-ordination of policy and preparation of the Annual Report of the Institution.
  25. Meetings and Transactions

  26. Not used [2014].
  27. Not used [2014].
  28. The Transactions of each session of the Institution shall be distributed gratuitously, as soon as ready, to those who shall have been members of the Institution during such session and whose subscriptions have been fully paid; and they shall be sold to the public at such prices as the Council shall fix. Authors of papers shall each be entitled to a copy of the Transactions in which their papers, with the discussions, are printed.
  29. At the Annual General Meeting each year, if a ballot is required for election to Council, two or more scrutineers, who shall be Fellows, shall be appointed. They shall receive all the ballot returns for the election and shall count the votes. Before the closing of the Meeting they shall report to the Chairman the number of votes cast for each candidate. The Chairman shall then announce the names of the successful candidates who shall take up office on the date of the first meeting of the following session.
  30. Any question which, in the opinion of the President or the Chairman of a meeting of Council or Institution, is of a personal nature shall be decided by ballot; all other questions shall be decided by a show of hands, or by any convenient system of voting.
  31. Medals and Premiums

  32. The Council shall have power to offer one or more awards to honour engineers or others who in the opinion of the Council have presented outstanding papers, who have made exceptional contributions to the art or science of engineering or who have helped to promote the interests of the engineering industry or of the Institution in some significant way.
  33. The awards shall he paid for out of the funds of the Institution. They shall be awarded on the recommendation of the Council. An award may take the form of a medal, shield, cup, quaich or other memento and may, in suitable cases, be accompanied by a monetary award or an award of books or equipment.
  34. The value of awards shall be determined by the Council.
  35. Library

  36. The Institution's Library has been donated to the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde. In exchange, both Universities have kindly offered members of the Institution the freedom of their Libraries.
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