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IES is a multi-disciplinary engineering body, founded in Scotland, that provides a forum in which individuals from all engineering and related disciplines can discuss and exchange information, generate ideas and encourage young engineers. IES works with kindred bodies to promote a wider understanding of the role of the professional engineer in society.

In November 2020, the name of the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland (IESIS) was changed to its original form: the Institution of Engineers in Scotland (IES). This is a new website launched when the name was changed.

Publication of the Month

Authored by William Dunbar, Formerly Director of Consulting Engineers Halcrow

The paper explains the role of a civil engineer in the provision of infrastructure and in the control of safety at major sporting events such as golf club championships.

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“Local government has a significant role, particularly in linking planning consent to the goals of clean air and low carbon heating”

Dr Andy Pearson / Glasgow, 2020

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