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The Professional Engineer

This group, formed in 2008, promotes careers in engineering to young people; A main activity has been the maintenance of the website that gives advice about careers in engineering. A special feature is regularly updated information about salaries. This shows that salaries in engineering are rising and are highly competitive with those in other professions.

Career lectures at Schools IES Fellow David Watson organises a lectures at schools by prominent engineers who explain their roles and the relevance of engineering. is an experimental information resource that has initially been set up to support the teaching of structural mechanics in schools. Features include: A focus on applications so that learners understand how the results of calculations are used in making engineering decisions; clear explanations of processes; extensive use of hyperlinks; written documents and corresponding videos. The resource is presently being evaluated for development in structural mechanics and the potential of the strategies used in a wider range of STEM learning contexts is under discussion.

Support for Primary Engineer. IES members have given support of various kinds to this organisation.

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