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Construction to begin on world's biggest telescope 

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31 January 2023

One of the grand scientific projects of the 21st Century begins its construction phase on Monday.

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be the largest radio telescope in the world when completed in 2028.

Quantum leap for Heriot-Watt research into unhackable communications networks 

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29 January 2023

Scientists at Heriot-Watt University have published ground-breaking research into the phenomenon known as quantum entanglement.

Funding for new White Space pilot network in Orkney secured 

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29 January 2023

The Centre for White Space Communications has been awarded a £330,000 grant from the Scottish Government to develop and implement a White Space pilot network in Orkney.

IES - recordings of past lectures 

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25 January 2023

Recordings of past IES lectures are available visit 'Past IES Events' for further information


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22 January 2023

Three University of the West of Scotland students’ projects have been launched into orbit and are heading for the International Space Station (ISS).

The experiments – involving plant growth in microgravity, worms in space and nanoparticles in microgravity – will be monitored by astronauts on the ISS for six weeks

Heriot-Watt scientist awarded £2.5m to advance quantum communications 

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20 January 2023

A scientist at Heriot-Watt University has been awarded £2.5 million from the Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies programme.

Works begin at Ayrshire’s new manufacturing innovation centre 

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16 January 2023

The development of Ayrshire’s new Digital Process Manufacturing Centre (DPMC), part of the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), hit a major milestone this week with its half a million-pound refurbishment kicking off.

IMechE and AFBE-UK sign agreement to promote diversity 

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12 January 2023

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Association for Black & Ethnic Minority Engineers have signed a partnership agreement to promote diversity and look for ways to encourage more black and ethnic minority students to consider engineering as a career.

CIBSE launches new guidance focused on blinds and internal shading in response to increasing temperatures 

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10 January 2023

CIBSE’s new Technical Memorandum Dynamic thermal modelling of basic blinds (TM69: 2022) recognises the role of internal shading in reducing indoor air temperatures, along the impact on internal daylight and acoustics.

New supply chain R&D project aims to revolutionise zero-emissions shipbuilding and create Scottish jobs 

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08 January 2023

Marine engineers Ecomar Propulsion, and the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), operated by the University of Strathclyde, have kicked off an ambitious R&D project aimed at bringing the manufacture of key parts used in zero-emissions electric boats to the UK.

COP27 climate goals won’t be met without data science and digital skills, says BCS CEO 

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06 January 2023

Global leaders must put data scientists and broader digital skills at the centre of their climate change ambitions, the professional body for information technology reports.

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