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The IOR Endorses Global Cooling Pledge 

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06 February 2024

The Institute of Refrigeration is delighted to announce its official endorsement supporting the Global Cooling Pledge, a global initiative led by the COP28 United Arab Emirates Presidency in collaboration with the UNEP-led Cool Coalition and endorsed by 63 Governments including the UK today.

Austria’s ‘first large-scale carbon capture’ to turn emissions into construction materials 

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03 February 2024

Thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide that would otherwise contribute to the climate emergency will instead be captured and turned into construction materials.
The ‘circular’ process will be made possible by the ‘first industrial large-scale carbon capture and utilisation (CCUS) plant in Austria’, announced today (18 January) by Australian clean-tech firm MCI Carbon.

Halley station: Rapid ice movement monitored under UK polar base 

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17 October 2023

Scientists are closely watching the fast pace of a vast swathe of floating Antarctic ice that hosts a UK base.

The Halley station sits on the Brunt Ice Shelf, which has recorded an abrupt acceleration in recent months after calving giant icebergs.

Scientists to explore CO2 removal from atmosphere 

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22 July 2023

More than $2M has been awarded to marine-based research projects at Heriot-Watt University as part of the race to avoid the worst effects of climate change.


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20 July 2023

Glasgow Science Centre is delighted to announce the installation of floating wetlands in the Canting Basin, part of the old Prince’s Dock, the large, square area of water that flows in from the River Clyde. The addition of floating wetlands further develops the science centre’s bid to enhance the surrounding natural environment, having completed work on the outer area and moat in 2021.


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15 July 2023

Which governments are tackling overall emissions?

CIC joins 30 organisations calling on government to scrap flagship planning reform 

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10 July 2023

CIC has joined councils, housebuilders, housing associations, charities and planners have called on the government to scrap a key part of its flagship planning reforms, warning its proposals could see a reduction in affordable homes delivered and less money for vital infrastructure.

Engineering skills critical in saving the planet, says King Charles 

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08 July 2023

In the first official engagement since his coronation, King Charles III has given a speech on the importance of engineering skills in saving the planet from a climate catastrophe. Breaking ground for a new laboratory that aims to speed up the development of net zero aviation and energy, the King visited the new centre at Cambridge University yesterday which aims to bring together experts from research and industry.

Crewless maintenance vessels to support offshore wind farm repairs being developed at National Robotarium 

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07 July 2023

Electric remotely operated vehicles (eROVs) that perform maintenance and repair tasks on offshore wind turbines are being developed by the National Robotarium in partnership with Fugro, the world’s leading Geo-data specialist. Deployed from Fugro’s uncrewed surface vessels (USVs), the companies are working closely together to explore how the offshore energy sector can benefit from advancing this autonomous technology.

Net-zero future for UK wind industry accelerating with growth of new industry body 

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30 June 2023

Since its launch just three months ago, 30 organisations including renewables giants Orsted, EDF Renewables and Zero Waste Scotland have officially expressed interest in joining the Coalition for Wind Industry Circularity (CWIC) led by the University of Strathclyde operated National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), SSE Renewables and Renewable Parts.

Diesel to disappear from most construction sites by 2035 under new plan 

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27 June 2023

Minister for Industry and Economic Security Nusrat Ghani MP joins industry leaders today to launch a plan to eliminate the use of diesel from most UK construction sites.


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25 June 2023

Recent forums and industry events, from the Sustainable Skies World Summit at Farnborough to the Fully Charged series, have seen panels focus on the benefits of hydrogen in the future of air transport, as opposed to sustainable fuels and batteries. Hydrogen can be used as a source of electrical power through use in a fuel cell, or as a direct fuel for the aircraft by being combusted in a jet engine. We take a look at four factors to consider when choosing hydrogen for future aviation, and how Airlander can lead the way.

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