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IESConsult is a working group set up by the Institution’s council to track and respond to calls for consultation from the governments in Holyrood and Westminster. It provides an exchange for information to be shared and distributed to all IES members and the group hope that all members will be able to participate in the consultation process as and when their skills, training and experience enable them.

For more details please click About IESConsult

If you would like to hear about calls for consultation and you are willing to contribute your expertise to this effort please let us know

Further information about IESConsult and its activities can be obtained by contacting Hamish Dow ( or by emailing the Institution's secretary, Laura Clow,  

To register interest in the work of IESConsult and to offer assistance please provide your name, professional qualifications, membership of any professional bodies and details of topics that are of particular relevance or interest to you. Details can be emailed to Allan or Hamish, or can be submitted through the comment form below.

All contributions to the work of IES Consult will be gratefully received. We also encourage all members to sign up to any call for consultation that aligns with their interests in order to make their views known in parallel with the IES Consult process.

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