Index of Papers 1857–1957

Index of Papers 1857–1957

In 1957, to celebrate the centenary, a comprehensive index of papers was prepared. This consists of a Subject Index, an Index of Authors, and an Index of Ships Mentioned.

To obtain a copy of any of the papers published in Transactions, please contact us.

Examples of recent papers:

  • A Transport Policy for Scotland by the Millennium, IESIS Essay Competition - Dodds, Graeme, K ESIS for young members.
  • An Artist's View of Structural Design - Macleod, Professor Ian A, PhD, CEng, FICE, FIStructE, and McCulloch, M, Dip Art An engineer and an artist discuss the vital interface between their disciplines.
  • Application of Hydraulic Drive Downhole Pumping Systems to Subsea Production Systems - Esson, Andrew L, BSc, MTM, CEng, MIMechE Modern practice in offshore oil and gas pumping described by an engineer who has been concerned in developing advanced equipment
  • Aspects of Submarine Design - Rydill, Professor Louis, OBE, FEng, FRINA, RCNC Submarine design discussed by a prominent naval architect
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Is it more than "Colourful Fluid Dynamics? - Fraser, Professor S M, (University of Strathclyde) About a developing branch of engineering
  • Detail Design for Double Hull Oil Tankers: No Room for Complacency - Ferguson, J M, (Lloyd's Register) Marine Engineering with special reference to the work of LLoyds on double-hulled oli tankers.
  • Development of Naval Machinery and YARD Ltd - Neumann, Jan, CBE, FEng The development of a major firm of consulting engineers by a former managing director
  • Explosives Handling Jetty RNAD Coulport - Hornby, S P, FRICS, MSc, BSc; Abel, J P, CEng, MICE, MSc, BSc; Plato, A J, Eur Eng, CEng, MICE, BSc Developing a special jetty for handling explosive materials
  • Forensic Engineering and Expert Advice - Reid, Robin C, BSc, CEng Forensic Engineering applied to the detection of maritime crime and fraud.
  • Fracture Avoidance in Welded Steel Structures: Are Recent Test Standards Useful to Industry? - Sumpter, Dr J D, BSc, MSc, PhD, Modern welding techniques and standards.
  • Future of Nuclear Energy in Scotland: Parsons Memorial Lecture - Jeffrey, Dr Robin, FEng, MIChemE Aspects of nuclear power generation.
  • Heavy Lift Operations: Piper PUD Module - Williams, Hugh M, (Heerema Engineering Services, London) The recovery of heavy objects from the sea bed.
  • Launch of the Great Eastern and the Aftermath - Forbes, Donald A, BSc, CEng, in its time the largest ship afloat.
  • Long Term Slipping of the Clipper Ship Carrick, ex City of Adelaide - Walker, Fred M, BSc, CEng, FIES, MacCalman, Crawford, CEng, Sparkes, Roger K, BSc, CEng. The clipper ship Carrick, formerly City of Adelaide, sank at her moorings but was later recovered and is now being restored. Fred Walker, IESIS member was responsible for bringing her ashore by slipway.
  • Measurement Advances Related to the Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids - Pugh, Professor J R, (Dept of Physical Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University). The measurement and handling of bulk solids for transport by sea
  • Methodology of Mechatronics - Milne, John S, BSc(Hons), CEng, FIMechE
  • MV Derbyshire: Search, Assessment and Survey - Faulkner, Professor D, WhSch, PhD, DSc, FEng, FRINA, FIStructE, FSNAME, FRSA, The search for the wreck of the containership Derbyshire, in which Professor Faulkner, IESIS President, played a prominent part.
  • Oil Tankers and the Environment - Spyrou, Dr A G, BSc, LLD, CEng. The operation of large oil tankers and their effects on the environment.
  • Production Facilities Selection for Deep Water Oil and Gas Field Development - Inglis, Robert B, BSc, PhD, CEng, FRINA. Producing oil and gas from deep water sites.
  • Railroad to the Seabed - Crawford, Moya. Deepwater Recovery and Exploration
  • Safety of Bulk Carriers - Ferguson, John M, Ship safety discussed from the point of view of Lloyd's Register.
  • Ship Safety and Public Concern: Presidential Address - Faulkner, Professor D, DSc, FEng. More about the Derbyshire. Professor Faulkner was also technical advisor to the Commission investigating the disaster.
  • Sinking of SS Titanic: Investigated by Modern Techniques - Hackett, C, BA(Hons), CEng, MRINA and Bedford, J G, BSc(Hons), CEng, FRINA. Studies of the Titanic using modern methods throw new light on the disaster.
  • Sizewell B and the Future - Smith, Paul, BSc, CEng, MIMechE. Power Generation at Sizewell B Nuclear power station.
  • The Skye Bridge - Carson, John R T, BSc, CEng. Construction of the controversial bridge.
  • Telford Dock, Aberdeen Harbour - Still, R D, BSc, CEng, FICE, Description of the new dock facility by a civil engineer who took part in the operation.
  • Upgrading of the A74 to Motorway - Blackwood, Hugh, BSc, MSc, FICE, FIHT, MConsE. Detailed description of the civil engineering carried out in a major roadbuilding project.
  • Water - The Scottish Dimension - Davidson, Donald (West of Scotland Water). A wide-ranging Paper on future water supply requirements in Scotland.
  • Why I Chose to Study Engineering: IESIS Essay Competition - Jeffers, Matthew J F, a young engineer gives his interesting views on engineering as a career.
  • Why Use Bucket Dredges and What Developments Are Taking the Mining Industry into the 21st Century - MacVicar, A, (Alluvial Dredges Ltd) Dredging in the 21st Century.

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