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Earthshot Prize: Prince William announces five winners 

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06 December 2022

Prince William announced the winners on Friday 2nd Dec at an awards ceremony in Boston in the US.

"I believe that the Earthshot solutions you have seen this evening prove we can overcome our planet's greatest challenges," Prince William said during the ceremony.

"By supporting and scaling them we can change our future," he said.

Rolls-Royce and EasyJet run aircraft engine on green hydrogen 

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05 December 2022

Rolls-Royce and EasyJet claimed a world first today (28 November) after running a modern aircraft engine on hydrogen

Obituary - Carlo Dinardo 1939 - 2022 

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03 December 2022

High-density pumped hydro company to build first demonstrator in Devon 

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02 December 2022

The developer of a new long duration hydro energy storage system will build its first demonstrator in Devon after receiving an £8.25m government contract.

Scottish bridge wins ICE People’s Choice Award 2022 

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26 November 2022

The Stockingfield Bridge project has won the 2022 ICE People’s Choice Award.

The annual award recognises civil engineering projects that have made a positive impact on their local communities.

The Big Battery Challenge: 3 potential alternatives to lithium-ion 

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23 November 2022

Will lithium-ion remain the dominant battery technology in the automotive sector and other industries, or will other chemistries take over?

Engineering Extremes: Finding the safest place to bury nuclear waste for millennia 

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21 November 2022

Paul Shipley is a patient man. The kind who spends 15 years conquering nearly 300 mountain peaks across Scotland. Or 25 years working for the Ministry of Defence, a big chunk of which he devoted to Dreadnought nuclear submarines.

‘Tri-mode’ Hitachi train uses batteries, overhead lines and diesel power 

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19 November 2022

Aimed at halving fuel consumption and carbon emissions without massive investment in new rail infrastructure, the ‘Blues Train’ was revealed this week at InnoTrans in Berlin, the world’s largest rail transport fair.

The train will be the first tri-mode to enter passenger service in Europe when it starts operating in Italy later this year.

Molten salt nuclear reactor ‘with no moving parts’ could operate from 2029 

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15 November 2022

A new type of nuclear reactor that uses molten salt fuel and coolant could offer cheap and low-footprint power, its developers have claimed.

With no moving parts and a ‘simple’ design, MoltexFlex said its Flex reactor could “protect generations of consumers from rising energy bills, without resorting to fossil fuels”.

Crash test dummies reveal injury risks of low-speed e-scooter accidents 

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13 November 2022

E-scooter riders risk serious injuries in even low-speed collisions, crash tests and simulations have revealed.

The tests, which used a crash test dummy and finite element simulations, also revealed the need for new protective materials, according to the project team at the Fraunhofer Institute in Freiburg, Germany.

On-site reactor could turn power plant emissions into valuable chemicals 

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11 November 2022

On-site reactors at factories and power plants could turn carbon dioxide (CO2) into valuable chemicals on an "industrial scale", according to the developers of a new technology.

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