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10 May 2022

A breakthrough in quantum imaging could lead to the development of advanced forms of microscopy for use in medical research and diagnostics.

A team of physicists from the University of Glasgow and Heriot-Watt University have found a new way to create detailed microscopic images under conditions which would cause conventional optical microscopes to fail.

Sending a smoke signal – the potential of emissions trading 

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08 May 2022

A year on from the launch of the UK Emissions Trading Scheme, experts came together to discuss what the challenges are and how the UK can make the most of the system to deliver on its net-zero targets. Alex Brinded reports.

Laser-controlled ‘nanosyringe’ can transplant mitochondria between cells 

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06 May 2022

A tiny ‘nanosyringe’ has transplanted mitochondria between living cells, a breakthrough that could have applications in stem cell rejuvenation and the study of cells.

Heriot-Watt to house new quantum Magnetometry facility 

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05 May 2022

In a UK-first, scientists at Heriot-Watt University are leading a new project to explore the mysterious properties of magnetism using a novel quantum sensor.

Gigawatt-scale floating wind project will produce ‘green’ hydrogen in Celtic Sea 

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04 May 2022

Two companies have announced plans for gigawatt-scale ‘green’ hydrogen production in the Celtic Sea, using wind power to convert sea water into the useful ultra-low carbon fuel.

“Support educators in plugging the sustainability skills gap”, IChemE advises UK Government 

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03 May 2022,deliver%20sustainable%20solutions.

Laser scanning microscope highlights any remaining cancer cells after surgery 

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02 May 2022

A new technology can quickly determine if a tumour has been fully removed in surgery before the patient has left the operating theatre.

Engineering must 'speak with one voice' to effectively tackle major issues - Matt Rooney, IMechE engineering policy manager 

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30 April 2022

In April, the IMechE will publish a report on the challenges of collaborating across international boundaries.

Long-duration battery 'freezes' renewable energy for later use 

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28 April 2022

A prototype ‘freeze-thaw’ battery that traps energy as it transitions from liquid to solid could lead to grid-scale storage of renewable energy, its developers have said.

Carbon capture using plastic waste kills two birds with one stone one stone 

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26 April 2022

A new technique has turned plastic waste into an effective material for absorbing carbon dioxide emissions.

Scottish SMEs working in the games and immersive sector will compete for £35K to develop more inclusive content 

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24 April 2022

Abertay-led InGAME is running a new open innovation competition for Scottish small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) working in the games and immersive sector. The competition will fund the winning SME to join the Inclusive Design Accelerator, where it will develop and implement inclusive design practices that widen its audience by making experiences more accessible and enjoyable for people living with disabilities.

Abertay's new cyberQuarter aims to tackle security problems from across the globe 

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22 April 2022

Funded by the UK Government and the Scottish Government through the Tay Cities Region Deal, the cyberQuarter is a cyber security research and development hub.

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