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Eye scans provide insight into kidney health 

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26 January 2024

3D eye scans can reveal vital clues about kidney health that could help to track the progression of disease, research suggests

A Pear Tree for Sir William Arrol’s House 

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24 January 2024

In 1890 Sir William Arrol and his wife moved into the house which he had designed, Seafield House, Ayr. After he died in 1913 it became a hospital, first for WW1 soldiers and later for maternity and sick children. After it closed in in 1991 it became progressively dilapidated and was due for demolition until a local group of enthusiasts, the Friends of Seafield House (FoSH) decided that such a special building just had to be saved and a campaign was launched in 2012 together with SAVE Britain’s Heritage, following a petition by local resident Rosemary Paterson who became the FoSH Seafield Co-ordinator.


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20 January 2024

Of all the yacht subsectors, the expedition yacht segment perhaps faces the most immediate pressure to guarantee low-to-zero-emissions operations, given the eco-sensitive areas these vessels are designed to visit.

Finland-based shipbuilder and designer Deltamarin elaborates: “Customer pressure is especially strong in the more exclusive ship types – expedition ships and yachts. A lot of clients in this market are ready to pay extra for a reduced environmental footprint of their trips, especially considering the often pristine areas they travel to – imagine the polar fjords of Svalbard, or the coral reefs of the southern oceans.”

Quantum physics project with microscopy application receives €2 million grant 

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19 January 2024

A quantum physics imaging project, with applications in microscopy, has received a grant of nearly €2 million from the European Research Council (ERC).

The QuNim (Quantum-enhanced nonlinear imaging) project is aiming to develop a system which enables enhanced 3D imaging of a biological sample through the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, in which two particles are interlinked and display a degree of correlation not possible in the classical world.

Tiny DNA motor could lead to medical probes or ‘molecular factories’ 

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18 January 2024

Scientists have created the world’s first working nanoscale electromotor
The international team, involving researchers in the US, the Netherlands and Germany, designed a turbine engineered from DNA. It is powered by hydrodynamic flow inside a nanopore, a nanometre-sized hole in a membrane of solid-state silicon nitride.

Abertay cyberQuarter R&D centre hosts Atlantic Council's Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge 

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17 January 2024

Students take on cyberattack scenario as global challenge returns to Scotland

Dundee divers shed new light on submarine’s final moments 

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14 January 2024

After more than a century on the seabed, the secrets of a German submarine have been revealed in new detail by University of Dundee experts.

Ultra-hard material to rival diamond discovered 

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12 January 2024

Scientists have solved a decades-long puzzle and unveiled a near unbreakable substance that could rival diamond, as the hardest material on earth, a study says.

Dundee discovery opens paths to new cancer treatments 

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08 January 2024

Cancer Research UK-funded scientists in Dundee have discovered how some cancer drugs can target the disease while sparing healthy tissue.


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06 January 2024

A fishing and training vessel delivered to Måløy Upper Secondary School, Norway is to be upgraded with a complete hydrogen fuel cell system, to grant its occupants extended, albeit emissions-free, time on the water.

Timber in Construction Policy Roadmap brings new opportunity for industry growth 

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04 January 2024

The Structural Timber Association has welcomed the launch of the Timber in Construction (TiC) Policy Roadmap, released today by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), which sets out a framework for increasing the use of timber in construction.

Abertay University honours award-winning author and rapper at Winter Graduation ceremony 

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03 January 2024

Abertay University has awarded an honorary degree to Scottish social commentator and hip-hop artist Darren McGarvey at its winter graduation ceremony held at the end of November.

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