In the first official engagement since his coronation, King Charles III has given a speech on the importance of engineering skills in saving the planet from a climate catastrophe. Breaking ground for a new laboratory that aims to speed up the development of net zero aviation and energy, the King visited the new centre at Cambridge University yesterday which aims to bring together experts from research and industry.

Within his speech the King commented:

“Of course the key exercise of all this is to keep the team expanding and not lose all these remarkable people who have the innovative capacity and the engineering skills to help lead what we need so badly and so urgently in order to save this planet from increasing catastrophe.”

David Bogle, IChemE President said:

“Engineers have long been fortunate to receive the patronage and support of the royal family, including the King, with IChemE being granted the Royal Charter in 1957. I am delighted that the King’s first official visit following his coronation was within the engineering sector and, in particular, in the area of sustainability. Chemical engineers are at the heart of the sustainability challenge, managing resources to produce the products that people need in a sustainable way, and as the King observed, hold critical skills to help address the climate emergency”.

Extracted from IChemE website, read more here

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