The AFBE was thrilled to receive an invitation to the prestigious event, "Commemoration, Connection, and Action," organized by the London School of Architecture (LSA) and hosted at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) headquarters. The event served as an evening of commemoration and celebration in honor of the Stephen Lawrence Foundation.

Jonathan Fashanu, the lead of our Industry Team, attended the evening. The event marked the launch of a year-long research commission entitled "Part 0? Social Value, Access, and the Built Environment." This commission, in collaboration with LB Hackney, aims to consolidate proposals for transformative, accessible, and affordable learning programs for underserved and underrepresented young people.

At the core of the research commission is the ambition to develop green skills across the sector while directing the industry's focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and Social Value initiatives that can catalyze systemic change. By bridging academia, industry, and community stakeholders, the commission seeks to create a synergy that will drive sustainable development, promote inclusivity, and empower the next generation.

The event was a convergence of key thought leaders, professionals, and advocates who are dedicated to reshaping the built environment in a socially conscious manner. Attendees were immersed in a stimulating environment that fostered meaningful connections and dialogue.

Through a series of engaging discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities, participants explored innovative strategies to ensure equitable access to the built environment. They brainstormed solutions to bridge gaps in education, create pathways for underrepresented individuals, and cultivate a skilled workforce capable of tackling future challenges sustainably.

The launch of the research commission represented a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to foster social value within the built environment. By channeling the collective expertise and resources of academia, industry, and local government, the commission aims to forge a new path toward a more inclusive and socially responsible future.

Overall, the "Commemoration, Connection, and Action" event provided a dynamic platform for collaboration, idea exchange, and collective action. Attendees left the event inspired and motivated to effect positive change within the built environment, ensuring that it becomes a catalyst for social progress and equitable opportunities.

The AFBE is honored to have been part of this momentous occasion and is committed to continuing its contribution to the cause of social value and diversity within the industry.

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