The UK’s first ‘Rail to Zero’ carbon capture rail corridor is on its way now that two British businesses have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development of the project.

The project would enable dispersed industrial sites to permanently store their emissions.

enfinium, one of the UK’s largest energy from waste operators, will work with Navigator Terminals, the UK’s leading bulk liquid storage provider, to develop options to transport carbon dioxide (CO2) captured at enfinium’s Ferrybridge waste facilities in West Yorkshire to Navigator’s storage facilities in Teesside using rail freight.

The CO2 would then be transported safely offshore for permanent storage.

It is reported that the project will decarbonise enfinium’s Ferrybridge energy from waste facility delivering 3% of UK Government’s 2035 target for negative emissions.

By permanently storing the biogenic emissions captured from its waste stream, the Ferrybridge site would also generate around 700,000ts of ‘negative emissions’ or ‘carbon removals’ every year.

extracted from IOM3 website, read more here

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