Members of the public are asked to join a national conversation and shape the future direction and contribution of Scotland’s historic environment sector

A 12-week consultation opens today (Monday 28 November) as Historic Environment Scotland (HES), on behalf of the Scottish Government, asks the public to share their views on heritage to shape the new strategy for Scotland’s historic environment. 

HES, as the lead body for the sector, has been commissioned by Neil Gray, Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development, to lead a review of Our Place in Time (OPiT) and develop a new strategy collectively with the sector. The consultation results will inform the new strategy which will be launched in spring 2023. 

The consultation follows extensive engagement work which has already been carried out in partnership with the Scottish Government and Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS), and with individuals, organisations and communities to develop the new strategy. Earlier this year, HES, working with partners from across the sector, hosted 18 engagement workshops across Scotland, including Scotland’s Historic Environment Forum, which were attended by nearly 200 organisations and 650 participants. 

The refreshed strategy will set out the ambitions for the sector for the next five years and will build upon the key successes of OPiT, as well as recognising and reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 as well as other external factors such as the cost of living crisis. 

This will include a focus on prioritising activity that supports recovery and renewal, as well as further enhancing the contribution the sector makes to national priority areas, and to Scotland and its people. 

Culture Minister Neil Gray said:

“As we continue to review the 10 year strategy for the historic environment, Our Place in Time, I’m looking forward to hearing more views to further shape the strategy.

We have a rich vibrant heritage in Scotland and it’s important that everyone has a chance to contribute to how we care for, protect and promote our historic environment for future generations to enjoy.”

Alex Paterson, Chief Executive at HES, said:

“The historic environment has a role to play in delivering against core national agendas including economic recovery, job creation and the nation’s journey to net zero, and through the new strategy, we can demonstrate how the sector can help build a better Scotland. 

“The new strategy will build on the success of the first strategy so far and will continue to demonstrate a collective commitment to working collaboratively and in partnership to create a historic environment that positively impacts the people of Scotland. 

Scotland’s heritage is for everyone, and everyone has a role to play in looking after and celebrating our heritage, and we hope to hear from people throughout Scotland as we look ahead to our next chapter.

"By taking part in the consultation, you are helping to shape the future direction and contribution of Scotland’s historic environment sector for generations to come.”  

Take part in the OPiT consultation

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