More than 1,000 new electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints will be installed in nine local authorities around England in a new government-backed pilot scheme.

Backed by £20m of government, industry and local authority funding, the Local EV Infrastructure (Levi) pilot scheme will create commercial EV charging infrastructure for residents, from faster on-street chargepoints to larger petrol station-style charging hubs.

“The scheme will help residents without private driveways to have better access to EV chargers, as well as growing the charging network across the country, supporting the nation’s uptake of zero-emission vehicles and enabling more people to drive and charge without fear of being caught short, no matter where they are,” a government announcement said.

The nine local authorities are: Barnet, Dorset, Durham, Kent, Midlands Connect (with Lincolnshire as a lead authority), North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Suffolk and Warrington.

Nicholas Lyes, RAC head of roads policy, said: “We know that there are many drivers who do not have driveways or any form of off-street parking, so investing in streetside charging is an absolute necessity. Drivers can also look forward to the prospect of local charging hubs which will give them somewhere to quickly charge their vehicles without needing to drive any considerable distance.

“The goal must be to spark electric vehicle uptake by creating an excellent charging infrastructure that caters for everyone’s needs.”

The Levi scheme is the first part of a planned £450m project, the government said.

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