The Canadian government has invested C$27.2m (£16.4m) in the development of a portable nuclear reactor.

Small enough to fit in standard shipping containers and be transported by lorry, the eVinci micro-reactor is in development at US-headquartered Westinghouse.

Designed to bring carbon-free energy wherever it is needed, eVinci will provide combined heat and power of 1-5 MWe (million watts of electric capacity). Westinghouse said transportation, set-up and operation will take ‘a matter of days’ for each of the small modular reactors (SMRs).

The micro-reactor has a solid core and advanced heat pipes that enable passive core heat extraction, allowing autonomous operation. It has minimal moving parts, and is designed for 40 years of operation, with a refuelling interval of three years or more.

The investment is aimed at providing clean energy to off-grid sites and remote communities. Westinghouse said the micro-reactor could power industrial sites, mining operations, data centres, universities, marine propulsion, hydrogen generation, or water purification. It could work alongside other energy sources such as renewables, and could help reduce energy costs by limiting the need for permanent infrastructure.

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