Scotland’s trade body for the digital technologies industry, ScotlandIS, has published a White Paper on ‘The Future of eLearning’.

Commissioned from, and written by, Wendy Edie, Managing Director of Scotland’s leading digital learning and assessment developer, eCom Scotland, the White Paper advocates deploying technology-delivered learning to bring sustainability and help drive government and corporate agendas regarding upskilling, re-skilling and performance support.

It argues that, while not every organisation may be ready and eager to apply such technologies as automation and artificial intelligence to its learning and development activities, every organisation needs to consider how digital learning technology can support its teams to deliver continually improving performance.

Drawn from sectors including telecoms, software, IT services, infrastructure specialisms and digital media companies, as well as universities, the public sector, financial services, energy industries and specialist providers, ScotlandIS members employ some 60,000 people. They also generate some £4.7bn of the digital technologies sector’s total of £7.5bn gross value added (GVA) to Scotland’s economy.

Moreover, Scotland’s digital technologies sector contributes at least £3.3bn a year to Scotland’s exports and is currently growing at a rate of one-and-a-half times that of the Scottish economy.

Discussing the need for interaction in learning – acknowledging that the pandemic put paid to face-to-face training and encouraged the use of video conferencing platforms – Wendy’s White Paper explains how technology can improve accessibility to learning materials for people of all abilities.

The White Paper adds that developing and delivering learning materials via technology can bring efficiencies and cost savings – citing that, typically, the creation and administration of traditional paper-based examinations now costs 40% more than doing the same thing via online delivery.

Wendy Edie’s White Paper is available from ScotlandIS at

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