The Institute of Marine Science, Engineering and Technology (IMarEST) has welcomed UNESCO’s goal of including ocean education in the school curricula of its 193 Member States by 2025. The plan includes a new toolkit for policymakers and curriculum developers which has been co-authored by IMarEST’s strategic partner Encounter Edu.

Daniel Stoker, IMarEST, Head of Technical, Policy & Content says: “The oceans are one of our most precious environments. It is vital that societies engage and educate young people to recognise this, inspire them to help build a sustainable ocean future.”

Later this year, the Institute plans to extend its global educational outreach with the launch of a new special interest group focusing on inspiring young people, supporting cadets and students, and developing early career professionals.

Daniel explains: “Our new group will bring together experts and those concerned with, and working at, the forefront of marine STEM engagement to help support teachers, educators and students across the globe. It is an extension of our ongoing activities at the local level by our global branch network, along with the work of our partners, including Encounter Edu, whose virtual reality experiences and live expedition broadcasts introduce the oceans to millions of young people in an exciting way and help us bring ocean based careers to life.”

As part of its commitment to inspire the next generation and secure the future marine workforce, the Institute runs a number of STEM outreach initiatives including careers advice, volunteering and internship opportunities, student competitions, free student membership, as well as a wide range of educational resources, through its Sea Your Future section of its website.

Daniel concludes: “Providing opportunities to develop the knowledge of, and inspire, those who might find solutions to our global challenges and provide a sustainable future for our oceans, our industry and for humanity, is at the heart of our work.”

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