A 20-year-old diesel train with a carbon-cutting upgrade has recently entered service. Running between London Marylebone and Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, the HybridFlex – as it is now known – is the UK’s first 100mph-capable battery-diesel hybrid train.

Operator Chiltern Railways, owner Porterbrook and Rolls-Royce converted the train to run on both diesel and battery power.

A Porterbrook announcement said the Rolls-Royce powerpack enables “quieter and quicker” journeys, and a 25% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per journey. Nitrogen oxide emissions and pollutants are also reportedly cut, by 70% and 90% respectively.

Now in operation, the train runs solely on battery power when departing and arriving at stations, reducing noise by up to 75% in and around stations and urban areas.

The train’s performance in daily service will be assessed, with plans already made to introduce the new type on the London to Oxford via Bicester Village route in the coming months.

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