CIBSE, as part of the Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group (EEIG), has called on the UK Government to support a long-term, revenue-neutral Energy Saving Stamp Duty Incentive, to encourage homeowners to future-proof their homes against high energy bills.

The EEIG, a coalition of industry groups, businesses and charities has sent a letter to the Chancellor detailing a proposal for an Energy Saving Stamp Duty to incentive homeowners to insulate their homes and install energy efficient heating systems such as heat pumps.

The EEIG’s proposal, as part of its Better Buildings Investment Plan, can be revenue neutral and allows more public funding to be directed towards those who don’t have the means or access to finance.

Backed by a broad range of consumer, retail, builder and business groups, the tax incentive would encourage people to either purchase a more energy efficient home or to make it more energy efficient after purchase, by charging a lower level of stamp duty for doing so.

A copy of the letter in full is available here.

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