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What happened

… in Westminster

Who | Lord Horam (Con) and Lord Wallace of Saltaire (Lib Dem)

What did they say? | Lord Horam: “The broad statement of the Institute [sic] of Civil Engineers about this being a move in the right direction is correct. But it also says that in the next 12 months there should be a detailed analysis and working out of what should happen. I hope that the minister will commit the government to doing that. It is essential that we now get a move on.”

“But if one wants an objective view, the Institute [sic] of Civil Engineers had it just about right when it said it was “a step in the right direction”.”

Lord Wallace: “This is neither integrated nor really a plan. I wish to correct the noble Lord, Lord Horam; the Institution of Civil Engineers actually said that this was “at best … a step in the right direction.””

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