Hydrogen Train

The latest stage of Scotland’s hydrogen-powered train project, involving Arcola Energy, the University of St Andrews and Scottish Enterprise, will be unveiled at Bo’ness on Thursday 4th Nov ahead of its planned inaugural run on the line in March.

In a project led by Arcola Energy, we are part of a supply chain consortium to deliver a production-ready and safety certified hydrogen powered train for Transport Scotland via the Scotland’s Hydrogen Accelerator at the University of St Andrews. The goal is to establish that hydrogen can be safely and effectively used as a sustainable alternative to diesel trains in areas where electrification would be more difficult (for example, where the electrification gap distance exceeds the capabilities of batteries alone), or is less economically viable. Transport Scotland has already committed to removing diesel trains from its network by 2035, in its Rail Services Decarbonisation Action Plan. Our rail engineering specialists have been developing the safety case for the hydrogen train, as well as a route-to-market assessment for the integration of hydrogen trains on the Scottish passenger network.

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