Zero-carbon fuels

Strathclyde is also leading on the £500,000 NEPTUNE project to support the transition to zero-carbon fuels for the Shetland Islands’ maritime industry.

The initiative will develop a desk-based decision modelling and support system (DEMOSS) tool that will help to analyse, scope and develop plans for supporting the transition.

In partnership with Ricardo UK, Babcock International and Shetland Islands Council, the project aligns with the archipelago’s 2030 net zero target.

The Strathclyde-led Lifecycle Energy Solutions for Clean Scotland/UK Maritime Economy project is addressing fundamental questions around what are the promising energy solutions for the West of Scotland and UK shipping sector.

A further project with Carnot Engine will look at the feasibility of converting a ceramic generator to hydrogen/ammonia fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor Feargal Brennan, Head of Department for Naval Architecture Ocean and Marine Engineering, said: “The climate emergency demands that we apply the very best innovation to ensure clean maritime transport solutions.

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