First Graphene Ltd has been working with the University of Warwick on a project where graphene is being added to thermoplastic systems and engineering polymers to improve their properties.

The firm is based at the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre at the University of Manchester, but this project is being carried out at Warwick Manufacturing Group, which has strong links to world-leading companies such as Jaguar Land Rover.

Some nanomaterials, including graphene, are difficult to disperse in certain materials. First Graphene has overcome this problem by developing its PureGraph range of powders and aqueous pastes in various platelet sizes that enable better dispersion in a broad range of materials. In addition, the PureGraph materials are supplied with a level of functionalisation that enables efficient dispersion in a wide range of polymers and materials, without further processing steps.

From the initial results it is claimed that PureGraph can be easily dispersed into polymers with good flowability and processability. When added to engineering thermoplastics, PureGraph is said to improve their thermal conductivity and mechanical properties such as tensile strength and impact resistance, as well as weight reduction, and can even form barrier protection against water, fire, chemicals and wear.

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