Bee'ah is announcing that it will be developing the Middle East’s first waste-to-hydrogen project which includes a generation plant and a green hydrogen vehicle fuelling station in the UAE, in partnership with UK-based Chinook Sciences.

This project is an expansion of Bee'ah and Chinook Sciences' waste gasification project that had been announced in 2014, leveraging similar pyrolysis and gasification technologies to produce green hydrogen instead of electricity. This waste-to-hydrogen project addresses increasing market demand in the region for new sources of renewable energy such as green hydrogen.

With an innovative approach of having the waste-to-hydrogen plant adjacent to the fuelling station, this project removes the challenges of costly transportation of hydrogen. The fuelling station will use green hydrogen generated from the waste-to-hydrogen plant from non-recyclable plastic waste and waste wood from Bee'ah's Material Recovery Facility. The green hydrogen will be fed into the fuelling station to power Bee'ah's future fleet of hydrogen waste collection vehicles, effectively closing the waste loop.

In addition, the cost of green hydrogen from the plant is competitive with or even less than the equivalent cost of diesel and gasoline. At maximum production capacity, the plant is capable of fuelling 1,000 hydrogen-powered large vehicles per day.

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