The stability and performance of lithium-oxygen batteries look set to be vastly improved with a tailored electrolyte that could herald the next generation of rechargeable batteries.

In a paper published in Advanced Functional Materials, Professor Laurence Hardwick from Liverpool University’s Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy (SIRE) and colleagues characterised and developed electrolyte formulations that minimise side reactions and enable cycle stability.

According to lead author of the paper Dr Alex Neale, who is also with SIRE, the research demonstrates that the reactivity of certain electrolyte components can be switched off by precise control of component ratios.

In a statement, Dr Neale said: “The ability to precisely formulate the electrolyte using readily-available, low volatility components enabled us to specially tailor an electrolyte for the needs of metal-air battery technology that delivered greatly improved cycle stability and functionality.

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