Following the identification of three priority topics, the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has published Learned Society Priority Topics to 2024, setting out how the institution aims to address these areas of focus over the coming years.

The three priority topics were chosen by IChemE’s Learned Society Committee (LSC), which was formed in 2019 with responsibility for the strategic direction of the institution’s technical priorities. The LSC collaborated with IChemE’s volunteer special interest groups to develop three topics on which to prioritise activity within the learned society.

The three priority topics identified were as follows:

  • responsible production
  • major hazards management, and
  • digitalisation

Learned Society Priority Topics to 2024 opens with the vision of the learned society and goes on to detail the scope of each of the priority areas, followed by the initiatives planned to meet the targets specified by key milestones including the end of this year and by the close of 2024.

Following the launch of IChemE’s position on climate change in 2020, a key deliverable highlighted within the priority topics document for 2021 include climate change action plans for specific industry sectors and technologies. The plans are being developed by the institution’s special interest groups and coordinated by the LSC.

As set out in Strategy 2024, IChemE’s ambition is to be recognised as a vibrant learned society that materially impacts on the Global Grand Challenges. Chemical engineers already play a key role in addressing many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which makes IChemE uniquely well placed to contribute to the debate and to effect change. Delivering on the priority topics, as set out in the document is a key part of this ambition.

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