Aggreko has signed a seven-year contract with Brazilian energy company EVA Energia for a 10 MW renewable power solution using landfill gas. 

The world’s leading provider of mobile and modular power solutions will deliver a complete system, producing power from biogas derived from two locations: Seropédica (Rio de Janeiro State), the largest landfill site in Latin America, and Mauá (São Paulo State).

Aggreko will provide a flexible, fast and cost-efficient way of delivering cleaner energy for approximately 40,000 households in the region, achieving a carbon saving of more than 100,000 tons over contract’s life. The innovative solution uses landfill gas that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The total amount of methane emissions avoided totals 24,440,400 Nm3 annually.

The biogas is recovered via a series of wells drilled into the landfill. These wells are connected by a pipe system, which collects the gas and transports it to a compression system, where it is filtered, de-watered and pressurised. From there, the gas is piped to a power generation plant, where it is used as fuel to generate electricity, before being passed on to power local homes in the region.

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