The Bloodhound supersonic car that was built to break the land speed record is up for sale.

Current owner Ian Warhurst says he's de-risked the project by running the vehicle above 600mph, but it's now time for someone else to take on the effort.

Bloodhound became one of the fastest cars in history during trials in the Kalahari desert in 2019.

But it needs the addition of a rocket motor to break the all-time record speed of 763mph (1,228km/h).

Yorkshireman Warhurst has calculated the cost of achieving this to be £8m.

"I've gone as far as I can with it," he told BBC News. "I can't put any more of my own money into the project, so it's time for me to pass the baton to someone else to complete the job. And I'll be cheering from the sidelines."

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