IESIS were delighted to support the IIR Rankine 2020 – Advances in Heating, Cooling and Power Generation that took place in July. 

A high point of the conference was with the excellent level of engagement from students, many of whom presented their work during the event.

A prize for the best student paper in each of the three conference streams was awarded. The winners were

Refrigerants stream: Semi-empirical Evaluation of HCFO-1224yd(Z) as a Replacement for HFC-245fa in High Temperature Heat Pumps by Carlos Mateu-Royo of Universitat Jaume I

Power generation stream: Gradient Based Design Optimization of a Radial Inflow Turbine by Brede Hagen of Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Overall winner and Heating and cooling Stream: Scalability of Chemical Looping Heat Pump Technology by Junyoung Kim of Purdue University

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