IStructE - Ground Engineering Solutions: Specialist Techniques

23rd April 2024 12:30 pm

Join us on a lunchtime webinar with guest speaker Kevin Christie of TechnikGS who will present on ground engineering solutions covering the following topics:

  • • Cased and Augered Minipiles
  • • Bottom Driven Minipiles
  • • Drilled Minipiles
  • • Micropiles
  • • Importance of Site Investigation
  • • Case Studies
  • • Balancing Cost and Risk
  • • Piling Issues

The presentation is relevant to anyone interested in geotechnical aspects of building and civil engineering projects

Kevin Christie MEng, CEng, MICE, FGS, Kevin is a Chartered Civil Engineer who has been involved in geotechnical consulting and contracting for 20 years. Kevin is the Director responsible for Scotland and is Technical Director for the TechnikGS business.

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