CIBSE - Chemical Free Water treatment

18th April 2024 11:00 am

To ensure the efficiency and reliability of any sealed Heating and Chilled water system, the quality of its largest component water, is paramount. Sadly though, the importance of water treatment is often overlooked, incorrectly carried out or forgotten altogether, resulting in poor efficiency, poor system reliability and on many occasions premature catastrophic failure of plant and equipment. Traditionally the flushing and ongoing system protection methods in the UK have focused on the use of chemical additives, but these fail to offer long term protection and have a large environmental impact, resulting in large volumes of contaminated water being dumped to our drainage network. Although relatively new to the UK, the VDI 2035 standard and chemical free water treatment, which relies on natural science and not harsh traditional chemicals, has been used successfully for many decades on the continent. (Endorsed by CIBSE CP1).

• But what exactly is it and how does it work?

• What are the advantages over more traditional methods?

• How can it be successfully implemented on existing and new systems?

• And what are the installation, operational and environmental benefits?

EleXion will discuss these and many other questions in their presentation and we hope you can join us to learn more.

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