ICE -Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub: green energy technology

15th April 2024 5:30 pm

This event will look at the Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub, a joint venture between bp and Aberdeen City Council, which aims to deliver a scalable, green hydrogen production, storage and distribution facility in the city powered by renewable energy.

The hub plans to be developed in three phases, scaling with growing demands for hydrogen.

  • The first phase involves building a hydrogen refuelling facility for buses and trucks, powered by a new solar farm. It aims to produce around 800 kilograms of green hydrogen per day when operational – enough to fuel 25 buses and a similar number of other fleet vehicles.
  • Phase two could see production scaled up to supply green hydrogen for road, rail, freight and marine.
  • Phase three could scale up further to supply hydrogen for heat in buildings and potentially export.

Expansion would be enabled by the expected increased availability of local renewable power sources, including developments that bp are directly involved in with offshore wind.

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