IMechE - PROBIOTIC REVOLUTION: a new definition of hygiene

12th April 2024 7:00 pm

Probiotic-based products will completely revolutionize the concept of hygiene, making it deeper, longer-lasting and safer, without the use of chemical agents.

Probiotics, live microorganisms, applied to any surface, activate a process that decomposes and metabolises dirt in a natural way, creating, in its place, a healthy and regenerative microbial environment; capable of hindering and delaying the formation of new bad bacteria and germs for a long time.

The effectiveness of probiotics, live microorganisms, for food use is known. The same beneficial effect that Probiotics achieve in the body, restoring the bacterial flora, is achieved in the environment around us thanks to innovative Probiotic-based cleansing products, which are completely natural and safe.

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