IMechE - Upgrading the National Grid for a secure, clean and affordable energy future

21st March 2024 7:00 pm

On line webinar – you will receive a link to a Teams webinar

The presentation will last 45 mins and will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A using your questions submitted using the chat facility.

You will receive a ticket when you book, thus to tell you that you have been registered. You will not need it to receive the link to the webinar - it is just admin.

With a large forecast increase in demand for electricity for our cars, transport, domestic and industrial heating and processes from a peak demand of 58GW in 2020 to 63GW in 2030,

plus changes to demand patterns which will mean that winter peak demand is no longer the single worst case for system control

plus technical issues are also entangled in political, environmental and social considerations, such as the debate about how to bring offshore electricity onshore into the grid

The presentations will cover the fascinating history of the Grid then outline the strategy for meeting these challenges as we progress towards operating the electricity system at zero carbon

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