ICE - Morlais the largest consented tidal energy project in the world, ‘The Long Voyage’

15th February 2024 6:30 pm

Menter Môn, a social enterprise, won the lease to work on the Morlais project from the Crown Estates in 2014. The Morlais team had a vision to help start a new industry on the isle of Anglesey by providing a plug and play site for tidal energy developers to deploy their devices on an area of seabed without the need for them to fund grid connection or get consent. Reducing their costs and by doing so making tidal energy more affordable.

The zone was consented for many device types, floating, midstream and seabed mounted, this method often referred to as a Rochdale Envelope. The export cables would come ashore at Abraham’s Bosom via a ducted system to the landfall substation at Tŷ Mawr Mynydd Farm.

The scheme has capacity for up to 9 developers generating 240MW, exporting the generated energy via a 132kv trefoil cable connected to the grid at Parc Cybi some 6kms away.

This event will cover the story of Menter Môn, its delivery of infrastructure and the technical and commercial hurdles faced, highlighting the importance of the relationships with their principal contractors, including Jones Bros

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