ICE- How HS2 systems integration works

1st February 2024 6:00 pm

We will start with an introduction and overview of progress to date, defining how HS2 phase one has proceeded and what has been achieved.

There will then be an illustration of how the project life cycle stages are progressing, across the supply chain, with reference to the ‘V model’. Also noting the disciplines represented in HS2 systems integration and how the team operates as an integral part of how HS2 functions.

‘How systems integration works?’ will be investigated.

Then a short section on systems integration requirements will be presented leading onto the challenges experienced and the resolutions established, developed and accomplished.

There will then be lessons learned which have been determined and implemented with internal lessons learned reporting. And then cover where best practices in integrated project teams (IPTs) have been established and disseminated to achieve a project-wide consistent approach and collaborative working across HS2 phase one.

Concluding with the real benefits which HS2 has, and will, achieve.

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