IChemE - A New Way to Repair Potholes Using Fresh Air and Chemistry

17th January 2024 10:30 am

This webinar will talk about a globally patented technology that is used to repairs potholes and other asphalt faults in highways and roads. The invention is a novel repair technology that repairs potholes, cracks, splits and other asphalt faults using a superior repair technique. The absence of oxygen results in the prevention of unwanted and damaging asphalt oxidation. The repair is also seamless, (i.e., no gap between existing and infill material) which results in a superior repair. The technology can also be used for the removal of road markings (indicia) without damaging the road surface, unlike one of the current methods that uses a flame that burns and damages the asphalt surface. It is possible that the technology could be utilised for other additional but equally commercially lucrative applications that are not mentioned here.

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