IES - Following Nature’s lead - Bioinspired technologies

5th December 2023 6:30 pm

Joint Lecture IES/RINA

Professor Adam A. Stokes explores the multidisciplinary field of bioinspired engineering, demonstrating how engineers can draw valuable insights from natural processes refined over millions of years. His talk will cover aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as biology and chemistry, to develop innovative automation technologies for use on land, at sea, and in the air.

Navigating through the realms of AI, Robotics, and Embodiment, the talk underscores the symbiotic relationship between biological inspirations and the innovations they have fostered. With a methodical approach, Prof. Stokes discusses some of the major projects that he has been involved in, their outcomes, and the specific technologies that have arisen. Emphasising the foundational role of nature in Bioinspired Engineering, he also offers a candid perspective on the intersections and collaborations between academia and industry, and the subsequent challenges and opportunities that they present.

Adam A. Stokes is Professor and Chair of Bioinspired Engineering in the School of Engineering at The University of Edinburgh. Adam holds degrees in engineering, biomedical science, and analytical chemistry. His pioneering research in Soft Robotics and Soft Systems has received over 5600 citations, with publications in leading scientific journals. He is a founding Co-Lead of The National Robotarium, the UK centre of excellence in robotics. He is the Deputy Director and founding member of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics. Adam leads a team of approximately 20 people in his interdisciplinary research laboratory – The Soft Systems Group – where the focus is on the intersection of next-generation robotics technology, bioelectronics, and bioinspired engineering. Outside of the academy, Adam is a founder of several companies in the health-tech and robotics fields and currently the Academic in Residence with Archangels Investors Ltd.

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