IMechE - Energy Transition - Geothermal Energy - Opportunities and Barriers for the transition to net zero

30th November 2023 12:00 pm

This Event has been jointly organised by the Process Industries Division Centres in the North West and Yorkshire Regions and, the Aberdeen Area, all part of the Process Industries Community

A recent (April 2022) Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) brief to UK parliament notes the limited use of geothermal energy in the UK to date (less than 0.3% of annual heat demand) but also recognises “the potential to increase this proportion significantly and contribute to the UK’s net zero targets.

However, a lack of information about the application of the technology in the UK has meant that deep geothermal is not currently factored into the UK’s carbon budget or government strategies”.

This webinar aims to educate and update on some of the latest developments around the world in geothermal energy and provide reference sources for anyone who is interested in learning more about this potentially valuable resource

Areas which could be covered are;

• How to ensure that proposals are commercially attractive and competitive when compared to Hydrocarbon combustion alternatives on a global life cycle

• How can the IMechE influence engineers to develop Technology and Methodologies which can be used globally to address the Global GHG emissions

This will be followed by an opportunity for questions to be taken from the audience.

Speaker: John Clegg Chair: Willie Tulloch Panel: Padrig O’Hara, Fiona Sillars, Simon Rees, Robert Kulka, Tim Jones, Klisthenis Dimitriadis

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