IMarEST -Opportunities in the Offshore Wind Sector

7th November 2023 6:30 pm

Physical Lecture: City of Glasgow College - Riverside Campus, 21 Thistle St, Gorbals, Glasgow G5 9XB.Online attendance: Click Book Now to sign up for the virtual presentation

The presentation will cover:

  • Introduction and market overview of the offshore wind sector.
  • Trends, Innovations and Opportunities.
  • Maritime Decarbonization in Offshore Renewables.

Molly is an Energy Economy Analyst at ORE Catapult, where she drives industry-wide thought leadership and supports the energy transition. With a particular interest in maritime decarbonization Molly works closely with the Clean Maritime Team, where she spearheads efforts to provide insightful analysis on policy drivers and technology for decarbonization in offshore wind operations and maintenance. Prior to her current role, Molly established a solid foundation in scientific research as a material research chemist. Her work in this field spanned both local and international projects, with a particular emphasis on developing sustainable and biobased materials.

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