IChemE - Heat Pumps Role in Future Global Energy Demand

3rd October 2023 9:00 am

The emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 are responsible for global warming which leads to the climate changes we have witnessed in recent years. Accounting for 50% of global final energy consumption, heat is the largest energy end-use and contributes 40% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. About 50% of total heat produced was used for industrial processes. Fossil fuels continue to dominate heat supplies, while modern renewables (i.e. excluding the traditional use of biomass) met only 10% of global heat demand. Decarbonisation and re-electrification (Power-to-Heat) of industrial processes gain more importance and offer a high potential for waste heat utilization. Heat pumps will be one important feature to convert low and high temperature waste heat to useful high quality process heat. Decarbonization of thermal energy segment is critical to reduce global CO2 emissions and MAN ES is focussed on sector coupling of technologies within Carbon Capture & Green Engines and Heat Pumps are a critical vehicle for electrification of Heating & Cooling and minimise waste heat energy stream.

This talk will introduce the merits of MAN’s large scale high-temperature heat-pumps for hot water and steam production and explain the strength, advantages and application envelopes of natural refrigerants. Moreover, a refereed project will be explained and future developments will be discussed.

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