ICE - Data and information sharing for safety and environmental benefit

28th September 2023 12:00 pm

In many industry sectors, it is vital that data and information important to safety and the environment is effectively managed throughout the lifecycle of assets, from design through to decommissioning, and shared across supply chains. This issue came into tragic focus in the Grenfell fire and Dame Judith Hackitt’s review which recommended creation of a ‘golden thread’ of information on the safety of high-rise residential buildings, a requirement now enshrined in law. Similar demands exist in other hazardous sectors such as nuclear, transport and the wider built environment, in which the availability of relevant information to those who have duties under the law, as well as the public, is essential. The fulfillment of such needs requires a multi-disciplinary approach involving engineers, safety and environmental specialists as well as professionals in information management.

This Hazards Forum event, chaired by Mark McBride, brings together experts from a variety of sectors to shed light on how data and information can be shared including talks on:

  • Decarbonising construction with a photograph - Carl Collins, head of digital engineering, CIBSE
  • H&S risks and data sharing: beneficial impact and environmental risks - Jade Cohen, co-founder and CPO, QFlow
  • A standards based approach to sharing hazard and risk information - Gordon Crick, health and safey inspector, HSE

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