25th September 2023 12:00 pm

The webinar will include up to date details of the legal status of private e-scooters in the UK.

Private e-scooters are a relatively new mode of transport and in the UK it is illegal to use them in public places. However, in May 2022 the Government indicated that regulations would be drawn up saying “safety [would be] at the heart of [their] plans to create a regulatory framework for smaller, lighter, zero-emission vehicles sometimes known as e-scooters”. If safety is to be prioritised that means using the best practice approach for preventing deaths and serious injuries on roads. This is known as Safe System (Safe System - PACTS).

PACTS have carried out research drawing together evidence to inform the understanding of the safety of private e-scooters. They have used casualty data collected in the UK and mainland Europe, combined with academic research from across the globe into e-scooter stability. By tracking the development of regulation elsewhere, PACTS has been able to make recommendations for regulations, as and when e-scooters are legalised.

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