ICE The electric vehicle charging strategy for Wales

21st September 2023 6:30 pm

In April 2021, Welsh Government published the Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy, setting out its plans for charging electric cars and vans in Wales. It is written within the context of Llwybr Newydd: a new Wales Transport Strategy and establishes an ambitious vision for charging in Wales: “By 2025, all users of electric cars and vans in Wales are confident that they can access electric vehicle charging infrastructure when and where they need it.” Four main outcomes are highlighted to achieve this vision: increased total charging provision, a quality charging experience, a sustainable approach (aligned with the decarbonisation agenda) and localised benefits. The strategy is based on the sustainable transport hierarchy: recognising the need for modal shift and increased use of public transport and active travel to help achieve decarbonisation targets. The actions provide targeted means to enhance local, social and environmental benefits, and capture economic benefit from investment in and servicing of charging infrastructure across Wales. With little more than a year to go, our speaker John Mather MICE will review the progress made and what remains to be done.

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