ICE- The importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & the detrimental impact on health

15th March 2023 1:00 pm

This webinar will consider the following:

  • The importance of Indoor Air Quality is almost always dismissed within our society with its ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach.
  • This outlook is carried through many professions due to a severe lack of awareness, knowledge and education and is causing a detrimental effect on the health of our population, not just in the UK but worldwide.
  • The sources to poor IAQ are obvious to see Damp & Mould infested buildings
  • Man-made building materials mixed with toxic carcinogenic chemicals
  • Airtight buildings with a lack of adequate ventilation, to prevent the inhalation of toxic chemicals and obstructs airflow to be able to remove these chemicals.
  • Domestic cleaning products full of carcinogenic chemicals and so much more including the effect of Climate Change on our indoor environments.
  • The solution to better IAQ is quite simple to say the least but putting these solutions into practice is the main issue in many cases.

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