IMechE - Driving Ahead – The Future of the Car

1st February 2023 6:00 pm

The car has transformed how we live our lives. It has provided freedom of mobility for billions since it was created in 1885. The cars we drive today bear little resemblance to their predecessors driven by our parents and grandparents. They are crammed with advanced technology and deliver levels of performance, efficiency and functionality that were unimaginable just a generation ago. With the global concerns on climate change, the car is under pressure for its contribution to CO2 emissions and vehicle manufacturers are responding by electrifying their model ranges with incredible speed. Alongside this, technology is progressing at break-neck speed and the possibility of self-driving and even flying cars depicted in the world of science fiction is on the horizon. This presentation will explore the factors that are driving change and the technologies that are enabling it and considers what we should expect to see in the world of automotive in the future based on the evidence we have today.
Terry Spall, 135th President 2020-2021
Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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