IET -Ethics and safety in connected and autonomous cars

25th January 2023 12:00 pm

This webinar intends to give engineers a better appreciation and understanding of the ISO 39003 standard that gives guidance on ethical considerations with regards to road traffic safety of autonomous vehicles.

The newly developed standard: ISO/DIS 39003 Road Traffic Safety (RTS) — Guidance on ethical considerations relating to safety for autonomous vehicles will be discussed by key contributors.

Over the last few years, new cars have increasingly been gaining automated driving features to support the human driver and it is widely accepted that in the not-too-distant future cars will be fully self-driving. For a vehicle to recognise the various features of its environment so as to safely travel down the road, the vehicle’s software is required to make perceptive decisions - which are easy for a human to make but much less so for a computer.

This webinar focuses on the work and main objective of the newly developed ISO standard: to lay out a framework for the development of a standard for ethical and societally accepted driving policy (e.g., those relating to fairness and equity with respect to other road users, the public space, and the environment).

Speakers from key stakeholder organisations including academia, car manufacturers and regulators will discuss their thoughts on the issues faced by automated vehicles and their societal acceptance in the light of the new ISO standard.

The audience will be encouraged to contribute comments and questions as the webinar will include a substantial moderated panel discussion where some of the points raised can be explored in more depth.

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